Love is a Powerful Emotion That Will Make You Feel Happy and at Peace


Humans spend a long time in childhood and depend on their parents and elders for a great many aspects of their development, including love. This attachment has an evolutionary and biological foundation and is crucial for human well-being. Researchers have found that the brain regions that are activated during passionate love are similar to those activated during the intoxicating effects of cocaine.

People who are deeply in love don’t want to let their partner go anytime soon. They include their partner in their plans, such as vacations and future living arrangements. They feel closer to one another and support their partner’s essence and journey. Love is a powerful emotion that will make you feel happy and at peace.

Ancient Greek philosophers attempted to define love and broke it down into four different categories, each defining a different aspect of the feeling. One category of love is storge, which describes the affection between family members, another is phila, which is the love between best friends, and the fourth is agape, which is a higher form of love and divine.

Many accounts of love fail to make clear connections between different aspects of love. Instead, they use more complex and abstract concepts to describe these experiences. However, they do suggest that love is an experience that involves the discovery of a beloved that has value to you.