How to Analyze a Movie by Decade


Movie themes have changed significantly over the decades, and you can analyze a movie by its decade or time period. Themes can reflect current society or nostalgic fare. They can be provocative or escapist. Movie themes are an important part of the storytelling process, so make sure to read about the history and culture of each decade before choosing a movie to watch. You may even learn a thing or two. After all, it is only natural to want to know about the time period and decade in which the movie was made.

The 1930s was a tough time for American society, and movies were among the few businesses that continued to make money. During the Great Depression, many films took on an emotional optimism theme. They usually featured a rich socialite, an unemployed artist, and a series of comic mishaps. But while these movies were popular and made a lot of money, they failed to reflect the society in which they were made. The lack of a sense of community in these movies led to an underrepresentation of the middle class.

Movies can be described in various ways, but in general, they are both meant to entertain and inform. As such, they can have a commercial or artistic connotation. While both terms are used to describe motion pictures, they have different meanings and uses. As an example, the term movie is used to refer to a cinema. It is most commonly used in the United States by movie-goers and is increasingly used in non-English speaking countries.