Day 4 in Ho Chi Minh: Nguyễn Huệ Walking Street | Zone 87

We were supposed to go Cu Chi Tunnels, which is one of the highly raved destinations in Ho Chi Minh. But to get there we will need to travel 1.5 hours per way and Daddy E wasn’t very keen to spend 3 hours on a bus and one hour looking at tunnels. -.-

And so we pretty much nuah (rest) until evening time where we went to Nguyễn Huệ Walking Street. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much although comments were all very positive. I think it’s because I couldn’t envisualise what exactly am I suppose to expect. And it turned out, just like all the comments, a really good place to hang out.

There is nothing spectacular. It is almost like a normal, modern city. With a great wide walkway, with some street food vendors, buildings on the sides with known brands, restaurants, cafes. But because it is so normal to have motorbikes zooming around you all the time in Ho Chi Minh, this place stands out with the wide walkway and feels so much safer to walk around in.

Street food vendor ho chi minh
Street food vendor
People's Committee Building with Ho Chi Minh Statue
People’s Committee Building with Ho Chi Minh Statue
Apartment cafes ho chi minh
Apartment cafes. Yes, that is someone dressed as Sun Wu Kong lol

The famous apartment cafes. I didn’t know exactly what is this when I was researching the place and it turns out that it is a whole building of cafes, apartment style! Looks super nice from the walk way.

We were wandering around looking for a good place to settle for dinner and this rose ice cream caught my eyes.

Zone 87 Ho Chi Minh
Zone 87

That’s how we discovered Zone 87. A quick search online turns out all in Vietnamese but it is not hard to guess this is where all the youngsters and hipsters hang out.

The hipster place to be. Looking totally instagrammable.

The place is not huge, with a little food court and some shops on the 2nd storey. We saw many people eating this hotpot and so we choose the same.

Thai style seafood hotpot for 2 come with free drinks at S$10!

It’s a Thai style hotpot for 2, with some meat slices, prawns, meat balls and with drinks included. It tasted yums although I didn’t enjoy the abundance of greens. For the price you are paying, it’s definitely worth trying. And of course we had to let baby E try this rose ice-cream

Rainbow rose ice-cream
Rainbow rose ice-cream

It looks so pretty!! Unfortunately, it is a classic case of nice to see, not nice to eat lol. And this marks the end of our time in Ho Chi Minh.

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