10 reasons to bring your kids to Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub (OTH), Singapore’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub, is the most kids-friendly place you can bring your kids to in the east! Okay, I may be biased as OTH is only 10 minutes away from my home. But if you haven’t been there, it’s definitely worth a visit!

1. Free Playgrounds

Yes, playgrounds! Not 1, not 2 but ermm 4?! Not including the coming soon playground WITHIN Tampines Library, which will make it a grand total of 5 playgrounds! And most of them are FREE! Except for the water playground which is the price as the entry to a public pool.

Indoor playground at basement at Our Tampines Hub
Indoor playground at basement @ OTH
Inclusive playground on Level 2 Sky Terrace at Our Tampines Hub
Inclusive playground on Level 2 Sky Terrace @ OTH
Bouncy Castle on Level 4 at Our Tampines Hub
Bouncy Castle on Level 4 @ OTH
Coming soon - Playground within Tampines Library at Our Tampines Hub
Coming soon – Playground within Tampines Library @ OTH
Public water play @ OTH
Water playground within Tampines Public Swimming Pools (level 6) @ OTH

2. Free rental of Kiddy Strollers

Not into playgrounds? Don’t worry, your smaller kids can easily be entertained and chauffeur around by this complimentary kiddy stroller that you can rent for free from the information counter at Festive Plaza.

3. Tampines Library (#02-01/02)

Tampines Library at Our Tampines Hub
Tampines Library @ OTH

I know, a library doesn’t sounds like the most exciting place in the world. But when I first stepped into the new Tampines Library, honestly I was pretty hyped. The 5 levels library is spacious, clean and vibrant. Their Early Literacy floor (level 3) is specially designed for parents and children, with the books facing outwards, clearly visible by their covers. Which makes browsing fun and easier for the little ones to pick up books that interest them.

Early Literacy floor Tampines Library at Our Tampines Hub
Early Literacy floor

Early Literacy floor Tampines Library at Our Tampines Hub

The Tampines Library also includes a cooking studio, in collaboration with the People’s Association Culinary Studio, a PIXEL Labs with FREE 3D printer for use, a #spaceout area for discussions and much more. Not forgetting the coming-soon playground! It has a gfantastic view of the Tampines Stadium, which will be awesome when there is a match going on. Overall, it’s a great place by itself to hang out.

4. Enrichment Centers

Tumble Joy Gymnastics at Our Tampines Hub
Tumble Joy Gymnastics @ OTH

Yes, I know it probably won’t make sense for you to bring your kids to the enrichment centers in OTH if you stay in the west. But it is great if you stay in the east! Here is a list of the enrichment classes you can find in OTH:


Tumble Joy Gymnastics
JH Kim Taewkondo (Free trial available)
My English School
The Ballet School Singapore (TBSS)
We Love SGP

Level 2

Clay works
Inventive Kids

5. Play Nation (#B1-17/18/19)

Play Nation at Our Tampines Hub
Play Nation @ OTH (Photo from: Play Nation Facebook)

Like the name suggests, this is one place where you can play, play and play! From board games to console games, indulge in playing and eating and playing and eating.

6. Timezone

This is great for families, not a huge place (so you don’t spend as much), but enough to entertain kids (and adults).

7. Clip ‘n Climb

Clip n Climb HomeTeamNS @ OTH (Photo from: Clip ‘n Climb HomeTeamNS Facebook)

Singapore’s first climbing wall theme park! Nestled within HomeTeamNS (level 3), together with Laser Tag arena, it’s time to have fun and get sweaty! Check out their page for the pricing.

8. The Rock School

Also rock climbing, but this is located outdoor at level 2 and minimum age requirement is 4 years old. Check out their website for more details.

9. Eco-Community Garden

Eco-Community Garden @ OTH
Eco-Community Garden @ OTH
Organic brinjal at our tampines hub
Organic brinjal @ OTH

Forget about travelling to Kranji to show your kids what farming is like. As we have one right at OTH! On a smaller scale, but be in awe of the variety of plants/fruits/vegetables you can find in this little garden.

OTH has a thriving eco garden using fertilisers recycled from food waste generated from their hawker center. They also give away that organic fertiliser/soil every first week of the month to residents and schools/communities. And they give away their food produce from their garden from time to time! Join their facebook page to be informed of the next giveaway.

10. Free movie screenings and LIVE screening of English Premier League

Right at Festive Plaza, you can find performances, movie screenings and sometimes LIVE telecast of EPL matches.

Yes, LIVE telecast! Be prepared for the crowd tho, especially when popular teams like Manchester United played against Liverpool on 14th October 2017,

LIVE telecast of Manchester United VS Liverpool @ OTH
LIVE telecast of Manchester United VS Liverpool @ OTH (Photo from OTH facebook)

Trust me, it is normally NOT this crowded.

For more information of their movie screenings and live telecast, check out their facebook page here.

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