Dear Baby E

As the big day (my EDD) is approaching, I already feel that I will miss the days where it was just you and me, to get you to wake early/brush teeth/change clothes/getting ready for school. Although on most days, it frustrates me how I have to repeat the same process of nagging you to get ready for school every morning.

For soon, it won’t be just you and me anymore. Your little sister will be joining the chaotic mornings. Cutting our cuddling/lazing on the bed time shorter. You will probably have to manage most things by yourself instead of pestering mummy, to brush your teeth and change your clothes for you or even having to carry your lazy ass to the toilet.

Yet, for this last month, I feel like I have to indulge you in all these although you are already 4yo, well capable of doing all these by yourself. For you, or for me, to enjoy our limited bonding time alone.

Perhaps it’s the pregnancy hormones, mummy feels exceptionally emotional thinking how my little girl won’t be enjoying her “only child” privileges anymore. Although it’s definitely better for you my little spoilt-brat-princess-wannabe.

At the same time, I am looking forward to seeing how lovely a big sister you will be to your new sibling. Already wanting to share things you can’t use or too small for you, with your little sister. And thinking of how you will help to bath her, change her clothes and push her stroller around. You talk of how meimei will look like you with a giggle and happily shared the news/joy with your teachers and schoolmates. And how you decided one night that you want to sleep by yourself in your own room, because you said you are a big girl now, a big jiejie. Which again made me an emotional wreck.

You have come a long way (4 years to be exact), from the milk-sucker baby, to the demanding aggressive toddler to now an understanding and loving sister-to-be. Mummy is so proud of you and I hope you will continue to show this love and understanding even when you realise you are not the only princess in the family anymore. And that you will understand, when sometimes Daddy and Mummy has to divert our attention to the new baby more.

Stay beautiful my little one, Daddy and Mummy loves you so much.



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