Dumex Mamil Free Pregnancy Gift Pack

Dumex called me last week, regarding the request I sent in for their free pregnancy gift pack. They asked a couple of questions, like my edd and my D.O.B and told me the contents of the package I will be receiving. And ta-da, a week later, I got them hand-delivered to my home.

Dumex Mamil Free Pregnancy Gift Pack
Dumex Mamil Free Pregnancy Gift Pack

And so in the little bag contains a 400g Mamil Mama milk sample, a $5 voucher, a diaper-changing mat, drypers 2pcs diaper sample pack, drypers baby wipes and some pamphlets.

Do note that the milk sample is for pregnant/breastfeeding moms and not for infants. As formula companies abide by World Health Organisation’s (WHO)  recommendation that babies should be breastfeed for the first 6 months. Hence formula milk is actually not encouraged.

To request for your free pregnancy gift pack, go to this link or view other free samples you can request for those living in Singapore.

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