Seoul Day 6: Siloam Sauna | Departure

 Siloam Sauna49, Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea | 24 hours | Seoul Station (Line 1 & 4), Exit 1 | Website

Siloam Sauna, or Jjimjilbang is a Korean bathhouse. It is also like a mini entertainment centre. They are family-friendly and if you watch Korean dramas, it’s the place they go to when the actor/actress has no place to stay lol! Entrance is cheap ranging from 8,000 won to 15,000 won (depending on if you are staying the night), they comes with various services and facilities (additional charges for some) such as massage, haircut, karaoke, manicure/pedicure, bathhouses, sleeping quarters, and various fomentation rooms for your relaxation!

Siloam Sauna is just opposite Seoul Station. It is very convenient and once you exit Seoul Station you should be able to spot the building with the huge signage that says “Siloam Sauna”.

오시는길 지도
Location map (image from Siloam Sauna website)

It has 6 levels and each level serve different purposes.

Basement – Bathhouses

Level 1 – Lockers / Barber / Laundry / Store
Level 2 – Fomentation Rooms / Children’s Play room / Massage / Restaurant / Nail Art/ Meeting Point
Level 3 – Table Tennis / Fitness Room / Party Room / Singing Room / Game Room / PC Room
Level 4 – Fomentation Room / Coffee Shop
Level 5 – Sleeping rooms

Silloam Sauna
Floor guide (image from Siloam Sauna website)

Everyone starts by paying the entrance fee, then you proceed to separate locker rooms for man and woman. Inside the locker room, we changed and put our belongings in the lockers provided. Then we proceed to level two to meet up with Daddy E.

Siloam Sauna in Seoul
This is their restaurant on level 2

The restaurant has a good variety of food at fairly reasonable prices. The taste was not bad, but I forgot to take pictures haha. Right outside the restaurant is a small children’s playroom.

Siloam Sauna in Seoul
The empty play room

After our lunch, Daddy E went to the fomentation level while I bring Baby E to level 5 for her nap time.

Siloam Sauna in Seoul
Sleeping quarters

The sleeping area is divided into men, women and common. There is also a snorers’ room (man only) for people who snores. I went inside the common sleeping area and found rows of bunk beds like this. Each bed comes with a small mattress and a towel-like blanket. It’s not bad, the place is quiet and dim and warm, and it was empty when we were there in the afternoon. Baby E fell asleep quickly.

And when I found Daddy E, he asked “Why we didn’t come here earlier? We could have spent the whole day here!” Indeed, with little entertainment rooms, fomentation rooms, various facilities and a place for my baby to nap, it is perfect for families to go together.

Siloam Sauna in Seoul
Fomentation rooms
Siloam Sauna in Seoul
The “Coffee Shop”. More like a snack bar tho

We spent a couple of hours just chilling and Baby E had fun going from one fomentation room to the other. Soon it was time to leave to catch our plane. Before we went to the Jjimjilbang, we had checked-in our luggage early at Seoul Station City Airport Terminal as we were flying via Korean Air. One of the other benefits of flying by Korean Air besides their Excellent Boarding Pass promotions, you do not need to lug your heavy luggage around! (Seriously, Korean Air DID NOT sponsor this post. lol)

Siloam Sauna may not be the most luxurious place, but it’s a great place to experience local culture in their authenticity.  I’m sure we will be back if we ever go to Seoul again. And this ended our short trip in Seoul!

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5 thoughts on “Seoul Day 6: Siloam Sauna | Departure”

  • Hihi,

    Thanks for the detailed post, I read that you went to this Jjimjilbang before catching the flight back.

    Would like to know if this Jjimjilbang would allow us to store our luggages there. If so, is there any additional charges and is it safe? As I have to check out from my Airbnb in the morning and our flight is late at night.

    Many thanks.

  • Hi, is there individual shower cubicles in the baths? Like not those open areas where everybody is naked together! Just wondering because I dont think im comfortable with being naked in front of strangers (:

    • Hi! From what I remember, there is no individual shower cubicles, just one common shower area where there are stools and shower heads. And various “onsen” of various temperatures. However it can make for a very unique experience if you decided to try it! Most people inside won’t stare nor scrutinise what you do. I brought my 4 year old with me, and I was worried she might get scolded for making a runkus and keep getting in and out of the water. But everyone was just chilling and minding their own business. On a weekday noon time it wasn’t very crowded so you might want to consider that. Hope this helps!

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