Belly View Cafe @ NSRCC – Kids-friendly Eatery

As an easterner, I have always lament at the lack of nice, cosy, kids-friendly dining places in the east. And I mean east east, not east coast east or punggol east oops.

But today, I found a nice, cosy, and kinda kids-friendly place for dinner! With sea breeze, beach view, quietness (not crowded at all) and occasionally you can see an aeroplane flying past over your head! It’s not exactly accessible without a car, as it is located deep in Changi, inside National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC).

Belly View cafe Empty when we reach at dinner time

However, although it states that it is in NSRCC but we couldn’t find it when we were there! After asking around, we realised it is actually located inside their Sea Sports Centre, which has another entrance.

It was dark when we reached but the sounds of waves were soothing and peaceful. The area is big, only 10% occupied when we were there.

Baby E was excited that we were near the sea and kept asking if she can go down and play with the waters. But it was dark, the path was steep and waves were strong, so she just squat around playing sand on the floor near the dining tables. She also had fun finding pebbles and unknown seeds/fruits and throwing them into the sea. She also shrieked in excitement whenever she sees blinking lights in the distance, indicating that an aeroplane will be passing by.

And so my kid was playing sand while me and the daddy chomp on the food.
We started eating before I could take photos, haha! The food was pretty good, baby E approves too! And because the place was so empty, the food came really fast.

Overall it was a good meal. Baby E gets to burn her energy and all of us gets to sit down together for a meal. A happy kid makes a happy meal!

After our meal we took a stroll and found that there are two other restaurants further down the same stretch – Stella, a nice drinking place that serves western food. And Gurame Indonesian Restaurant that serves Indonesian cuisine. Will definitely be back to try the other two someday!

Belly View Cafe

11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739 | (65) 6542 8288 | Website
Monday to Sunday 11.30 am to 9.45 pm

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