Koh Fah’s Weekend Market @ Kranji

Koh Fah’s Weekend Market is where you should go if you like your veggies fresh. Like really fresh, because it is where they are grown and harvested! Koh Fah is a local family-owned farm that has been selling leafy vegetables in Singapore for the past 30 years! I have been buying their vegetables at NTUC and really enjoy the freshness of the veggies.

So when I came to know that they have this weekend market, I decided to make Daddy E drive me there!

Koh Fah's weekend market

Koh Fah's weekend market   Koh Fah's weekend market
Koh Fah's weekend market It was not crowded when we reach at around 11am. I guess we must be the late-comers. But it suits us well as it was not that crowded. The place looks like a mini wet-market with various kind of fruits and mainly vegetables. The prices are reasonable. We brought a bunch of bananas (small just nice for baby E), onions, tomatoes, corns, limes and mushrooms, all for less than S$12!

Daddy picked up the groceries while I brought baby E around. It’s pretty small, with a few cages with birds, rooster, guinea pigs and koi ponds.

Koh Fah's weekend market - Parrots  Koh Fah's weekend market - Parrot
Koh Fah's weekend market - Rooster  Koh Fah's weekend market - aloe vera
Koh Fah's weekend market
The most fun part has got to be the feeding of the fishes. At 50cents a packet, baby E spent a good 10-15minutes feeding the baby kois in the pond.

Koh Fah's weekend market - koi pond

Koh Fah's weekend market - Koi Pond

It’s quite a fun way to buy your groceries, rather than the usual supermarkets where you have to push your strollers along the narrow and crowded aisles.

Koh Fah’s Weekend Farm

18 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698974 | (65) 6765 6629 | Website
9.00 am – 5.00 pm

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