Milk woes

Since the beginning, I have been stubbornly refusing formula despite what everyone around me were saying – formula helps baby sleep longer/why she keep crying, still hungry ah, feed formula la/why drink so long? Got enough milk? blah blah blah. There were definitely times I considered the option, especially in the beginning. But being a stubborn Aries/Taurus, and with my hubby’s unconditional support, I persevered. And now I’m proud to say baby E is an exclusively BF baby.

But while she grows stronger everyday, I have been consistently losing weight. I’m now back to my size before pregnancy and even skinnier. While I’m delighted to be back to my old size, it’s not helping me to keep up with my baby’s appetite. You know you need a solution when baby is waking every 3-4 hours for feeding and seems constantly hungry.

And after a few crazy nights of baby wakings and feeling too dry to milk her back to sleep, I decided to let her try formula. Yes, although I have gotten free samples from Abbott and NestleBaby Club (which I have not blog about), I have yet to put them in use.

So few nights back, a totally exhausted me decided to make formula milk for baby E night feed. I was kinda excited since it would be one of her “first” lol. As usual she was excited by the phrase “milk milk” and eagerly took over the bottle and began drinking. What I didn’t expect was the look of disgust on her face, one I only seen when I had to force her drink her medicine.

Then she stopped drinking. But being the stubborn me of course I’m not giving up just like that! I pestered her for a good 30minutes, coaxing, bluffing, forcefully, tried to let her get used to the taste but it was not working. I felt kinda lost, not sure should I be happy or stress that it’s gonna be another night of crazy feedings.

And indeed another crazy night of feedings.

And the next day, as I keep back the formula tin, I saw my Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea,


which I brought from Amazon long ago but stopped taking when milk supply was stable.

So I made myself a glass and while I never been sure of it’s effect when I drank in the beginning, now I’m convinced it does work! I won’t say it works miracles but I do feel the difference. Although baby E still wakes up for her feeding but at least it was enough to feed her back to dreamland.

And yeah, so baby E is still an exclusive BF baby.

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