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Baby E just ventured into her first indoor playground! As she is getting more mobile and actively exploring her surroundings and objects that she can lay her hands on, I thought a playground is a good place for her to practice crawling/standing/walking safely and exhaust all her energy. And so, after being best friend with nursing rooms for more than 6 months, baby-friendly indoor playground is now my new favorite friend!

This indoor playground located at Great World City is free for babies under 1 year old but adults need to pay a S$1 entrance fee and spend at least S$10 at their cafe. Which is fine with me since I need to eat lunch anyway.

And excitedly, I brought her to Amazonia on the third floor and fill in my particulars in their form (which you have to fill in everytime you go there) and off we go!

They have an area for toddlers under 3 and another area for older kids, 2 party rooms, one golf room and a laser ball room. I didn’t went in the other rooms since you need to pay for them and there was no party going on when I was there.

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For a weekday afternoon, it’s rather quiet, and most of them are older kids who hang out more in the bigger playground. So most of the time baby E is the only one in the toddler area! Which is great as I won’t have fears of her getting trampled by an hyperactive older kid.

There is a ball pit, a small slide area, a bricks area and an activity boards area and a musical mat.

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At 8 months old, baby E showed more interest in the colorful balls lying all over the area, and putting them into her mouth -.-“… She also loves to be able to crawl all over the place. I also let her try climbing the mini slope and stairs which kept her busy for quite a while as she keeps sliding down. The only grit I have about the area would be the activity boards, which is rather hard. She started crawling towards one of it after seeing other kids playing with them. As she pull to stand, and grab whatever there is on the boards, sometimes she loses balance and one time she banged her whole head against the board. Which of course set her wailing loudly. Luckily she quickly got distracted by the colourful objects around her and crawl off again..

Overall I think baby E enjoys herself there! I also brought her to another bigger ball pit at the older kids area (which was empty on the weekday afternoon I went), I dropped myself onto the pile of balls and it set her laughing in delight. But she can’t move herself around and it frustrates her although it tickled me to see her limbs flipping around the balls, trying to move herself, so after a while we got out of that place.

As I had to spend S$10, I ordered a Cesar salad with coke float. Which is not too bad!

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Just that all the seats nearer to the toddler play area were taken and I had to bring baby E out of the play area while I eat, and she kept turning around whenever a kid shrieks while playing.

Another issue I had was there is no diaper-changing area nor nursing room. Although there are fantastic nursing rooms within Great World CityIMG_5319

it would have been better if I can feed baby E within the premise and put her back to the play area. Oh well, I guess that’s why they don’t provide that service!

Amazonia fees

Free tagging for baby under 1 year old or with S$10 spending within the premise
S$1 entrance fee for adult
For kids aged 1-3, S$22 for two hours of play
For kids aged 3-12, S33 for two hours of play

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