Baby E at 6 months old

Too soon it’s the Chinese New Year again. Same time last year I was still feeling uncertainties and anxiety for my first pregnancy, and now baby E is already 6 months old.

Baby E has been cranky and sleeps really unwell for the past few weeks. It could be because of her two lower teeth that has budded out, hunger, gas or other various reasons. But nevertheless, it has been such an exciting month for her, with all the milestones she unlocked, although a really exhausting time for me.

In the daytime, she plays well and is a happy baby, but she naps shortly and wakes up easily. Often only snoozed for less than 15 minutes and she will start stirring and eventually wakes up. It’s the same thing at night, the longest stretch she slept for the past few weeks is probably 3hours. Which meant for me is only 2hours, and it’s killing me physically and mentally. Sometimes when she woke up at night, I’ll pretend to be asleep, hoping she might go back to sleep herself. But it never works, it only made her wail louder and eventually broke into sobbing, which totally melt my heart and I’ll feel so guilty for ignoring her.

I tried googling the reason, feeding her more often in the daytime, feeding her solids, let her play longer in the day time, in other words, I really tried almost everything I could think of, in order to let her sleep longer at night. But nothing works. It’s like she has this alarm built into her that makes her wake up every 3 hourly. It’s horrible as it’s not only exhausting for me, baby E has gotten dark circles too. Its really sad to see, a less than 6 months old baby with dark circles.

After more than a month plus, I am almost giving up hope until last night, she sleep more than 5 hours. I’m too tired however, to jump with joy. Now I’m just hoping this could be the beginning of a better sleep pattern.

On a better note, baby E is crawling now! Slowly she will make her way around the bed and every morning she will make her way towards me (we co-sleep) and flap her hands all over my face, sometimes poking my eyes, sometimes pinching my cheeks, sometimes pulling my hair. She’s so fun to be with now!

She’s growing her third teeth now, at 6 months and loves her cooling teething toys. But she loves my finger more, once I put it inside her mouth and she bit it so hard I thought its gonna break! She’s also more cranky and temperamental due to her itchy gums. Demanding hugs more often and will just suddenly wail while playing happily.

She started on purée today. After having oatmeal cereal for a month, which is when the cereal expires. It’s really ridiculous, which after I noticed the cereal expires 3o days after opening. Do they really expect a baby starting solids to be able to finish the whole box? We barely finish more than a quarter of it. Anyway we started with carrots and using Philips Avent steamer and blender, it’s really easy! We simply diced the carrots(without the skin), added in water for steaming and within 15minutes, it’s done. Initially we thought the serving might be too much but baby E finished the whole bowl! Now I’m really excited to start her on other foods!


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