Bottle refusal

The rejection is true. Baby E is refusing her bottle. Just 2 days ago, we defrost one packet of BM to feed her, she was refusing to drink and was crying as my aunt-in-law tried to feed her. I heard her cries and went to take over but she simply refuse to suck from the bottle.

Initially I thought maybe the milk was spoilt and I latched her on to feed her. Worried that my batch of BM might be spoilt, we defrost few more packets again. My MIL tried the milk and said it tasted sweet, so we tried to put baby on bottle again. This time we were more firm, knowing that there is nothing wrong with the milk but my little baby cried till she went red in the face and inhaling heavily to gasp for air. Sigh, so I latched her on again for it was almost 4 hours since her last feed.

This got us very worried as there will definitely be times I will have to be away from her. The nearest date would be this friday where I will be attending a sisters’ meeting for my good fren’s wedding. And on her AD, I will be away for almost the whole day, there is no way I can bring my baby with me!

This morning was a better scenario than yesterday. She woke up pretty early and as usual in her cheerful morning mood. I went out of the room and let hubby handle. She didn’t reject the bottle, but she didn’t suck the milk either. She was simply playing with the teat. As hubby needs to prepare for work, I took over and while playing, she did get half a oz in her. But as she looked at me while I feed her the bottle, she seems to realise the difference and started throwing tantrums.

Oh well, half a oz is better than nothing at all. We shall do this for the next few days and see how it goes.

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