Strong little baby

Baby E is getting stronger! Yesterday for the first time she is able to lift herself up by grabbing my hands! I have been practising with her by grabbing her hands and see if she can lift herself up but most of the time she will pull my hands towards her. But yesterday she has been trying to lift her head up while lying down and when I hold her hands, she lifted herself up almost to sitting position! So happy for her little achievement. Now being a parent, those little things you took for granted, became so precious. I would hate to miss the moment when she starts rolling, crawling, walking, all those little but important milestones for my little one.

And we took her to BabySPA again today. Unlike the first time, she was not afraid anymore and was swimming as soon as she was put down. For 20 minutes she was kicking vigorously and doesn’t seems to want to stop. Finally time was up and the staff took her out, she still seems like she hasn’t kick enough! Maybe that’s why nowadays she always managed to kick our quilt blanket off her.

Before her swim we weight her with the weighting scale available. She now weights a whopping 5.6kg! 2 kg gain since she was born, at 2 and a half months old. That explains why she’s outgrowing all her NB clothes.



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