2 months old

Baby E is two months old and I’m getting so proud of her already! She is now feeding better and learning to sleep on the bed (with some coaxing still).


  • Breastfeeding used to take an hr or so but now she drinks quickly and within half an hour she will feel satisfied
  • Now we feed her 3oz (around 90ml) when we bottle feed her and most of the times she can finish it, sometimes wanting more, sometimes she can only finish 2-2.5oz
  • She can now suck her index finger, middle finger, pinky and thumb!


  • She sleeps well at night, able to stretch to about 4 hours and now my bio-clock works like hers!
  • Still doesn’t like sleeping on the bed without coaxing
  • Loves being carried to sleep and many relatives loves carrying her!
  • Wakes up easily in the daytime by noises (immuned to mahjong sounds though -.-)

Now that I’ve become a parent, strangely poop became a very important knowledge!
Baby E poops and pees normally, breastfed babies has yellowish grainy poo and she poop almost everyday

Other developments

  • Her neck is getting stronger and able to support her own head now (not for long though and when she got tired of supporting her own head, she will just plop down)
  • When she locks her view on an object, her eyes will rover as the object moves
  • She still gets wind in her stomach and when she starts grunting and stretching her limbs looking flustered, I know she’s got a fart coming! It sounds weird but it’s really funny to watch and hear a baby fart. If it’s my hubby I would frown at him!
  • She can do half a turn now! From side lying to back lying and sometimes to on her tummy..
  • She discovered she can make this high pitch sound and since then, whenever she manage to make that sound, she will smile to herself!
  • She smiles a lot more now 🙂

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