Writing About Love


Love is one of the most common and important emotions we feel. It’s what makes us forgive our partners for their bad habits, work hard to accomplish a creative project and get gushy over the latest sports victory. It’s also why we are drawn to certain people, places and things – like our favorite chocolate, kittens, or Netflix series.

In many cultures, love has been a subject of myths, legends and art. It’s the foundation of romance novels and movies, as well as the topic of many songs and poems. Scientists have found that there are several types of love, influenced by biology and culture.

Some believe that love is a basic human need, similar to hunger or thirst, while others see it as more of a psychological phenomenon. Biologically, studies of brain scans of those in love show that the primary reward centers (ventral tegmental area and caudate nucleus) activate when we love someone.

There’s also erotic love, which involves a focus on physical attraction and sex and is often short-lived. Then there’s enduring love, known as storge, which is a long-term relationship that involves mutual growth and respect for each other. This is a mature form of love that can be a great source of happiness, as well as frustration and sadness.

Writing about love can be difficult, especially if you want to avoid sounding sappy or bitter. But you can try to approach it with an open mind and let your feelings guide you. Think about how you’ve been moved by something or someone and try to evoke that feeling in your readers.