Writing About Love

Love is a complex emotion that has fascinated philosophers, poets and ordinary people for centuries. It can break boundaries and transform our world. It can be the reason why you forgive your partner for their bad habits, or push through to finish a creative project. It is also the reason why you care about your children or your sports team.

While many definitions of love are different, there are some common elements: passion, intimacy and commitment. However, love is different for everyone. It may change over time and be influenced by the culture you are exposed to.

Whether you are writing about romantic or platonic love, it is important to show the readers how your characters feel. This is the best way to draw them into the story. Instead of just telling them, “they are in love,” give the reader a visual image of their expressions, their gaze, and how they interact with each other.

One of the most challenging aspects of writing about love is to show the ebb and flow of emotions. You are likely to have days — or even weeks — when you don’t feel all that mushy-gushy. And you will probably have moments when you aren’t sure if you’re still in love with your partner or not.

During these times, it’s helpful to remember that love is a process and a journey. You can help your readers understand this by describing the ups and downs of your character’s love for each other.