Writing a Song


A song is a piece of music that carries a message. It can be a poetic evocation of lust and passion or a lullaby to soothe a newborn. Songs are universal, found in every culture and throughout history. They tell stories, celebrate love, scold people, or protest injustice.

Writing a song requires skill and patience. It is rare that a writer comes up with a perfect stanza of words first time around, and many songwriters will spend hours and days writing a single song before it makes sense to them. Lyrics are usually set up in a stanza structure that has an intro, a verse and a chorus. The chorus typically contains the hook that will grab listeners and make them sing along. Many artists will also use rhyming words in their choruses to make it easier for listeners to recall lyrics.

The chorus is the big moment in a song, and it should build up to this point with lyrics that are both catchy and resonant. The chorus can also include the name of the song, which is often a clever way to brand a tune.

The chorus can also be the climax of a story, allowing the artist to express their feelings about a certain situation. In other cases, the chorus may simply serve to create a mood that is reminiscent of a particular era or time period. For this reason, it is important for artists to choose a suitable title when writing a song, as this will help the listener connect with the tune.