Writing a Movie Review


A movie is a form of entertainment that involves a storyline and an array of special effects to make it more compelling. It can be a comedy, drama or thriller and is usually produced for release in theaters.

When writing a movie review, it is important to include certain elements in the body of your text that will help you to stand out from other critics. These include the following:

* Background information, which includes the society depicted or key ideas involved in the film. It can also cover a history of the motion picture industry, other works by the filmmaker, and key events in the film’s development (e.g., production history, a comparison or contrast with other similar films).

** Analysis, which covers how the film works, what makes characters tick, how it portrays a society, why audiences responded to the film as they did and more. It can also include narrative and a discussion of the reviewer’s own experiences with the film or the issue it represents.

The movie review is not an opinion sampling interview; instead, it should be a critical evaluation of the film. This means that you must analyze the film from start to finish and note everything that you observe while watching it. You should be able to point out faulty dialogues, bad editing, poor acting and many other aspects of the movie that you find notable.