Writing a Movie Review

A movie is a motion picture with a story told in a series of images that are played in a certain order and accompanied by music and other sound to make a complete picture. Many different people are involved in making a movie from beginning to end. The scriptwriters create the story, then actors and actresses read it and perform it for filming. Cameramen and engineers capture the images onto film reels and the edited version is sent to movie theaters for people to watch on a large screen.

The purpose of a movie is usually for entertainment and to send a message to the audience. Movies can also be educational or thought provoking. Movies can be about real events or fictional.

There are different types of movies called genres that categorize the kind of story. For example dramas are often serious, romances are about relationships, horror movies scare the audience and fantasy movies include magic and things that normal human beings cannot do. There are also family and comedy movies that are made for children.

When writing a review of a movie, the writer must analyze multiple aspects of the movie. Some of these are technical or creative, such as dialogue, characterization and set design. Others are more subjective, such as whether the plot was interesting and believable or not. The movie is also judged on its background, such as how it was produced and by whom. For example, the writer can talk about how much money was spent on it and who the directors and important cast members were.