What Makes a Great Movie?

Movies entertain, distract and transport viewers from everyday reality. They can also be thought-provoking and have deeper truths woven into their screenplays. Movies have the ability to excite and captivate audiences by creating the illusion of motion that draws people into the movie and holds their attention.

Most people can remember a movie that had them speechless or with a lingering feeling. They can also think of a character from a movie that they had a genuine interest in. Movies with memorable scenes and interesting characters are good movies. What makes a great movie, however, is harder to determine. Some experts believe that a movie is considered a work of art or a classic film when it excels in several areas including cinematography, editing, sound/music and acting/animation. Others suggest that a movie can only be deemed a great movie when it is both entertaining and advances the art of filmmaking.

Whether the movie is fictional or non-fictional, it has to have a storyline that will keep the audience engaged. The movie can also use music, lighting and sets (man-made places) to add to the atmosphere of the film. Some types of movies include horror, romantic comedies and science fiction. Science fiction movies are often based on science and have machines that could not be made in real life.

Even though all movies are influenced by the filmmakers’ worldview, most do not have an agenda and are not overtly didactic. Moreover, while the film is a work of art and is intended to be emotionally stimulating, it does not necessarily mean that it is supposed to make you feel good or inspire you.