What is a Song?


A song is anything that serves as a vehicle for the emotional expression of the human soul. It can be a complicated musical arrangement with established structural rules or as simple as a vocal melody that conveys an idea. A song can be composed by a poet in the transient throes of passion and yearning, or by a pubescent at the threshold of maturity looking at the world from a fresh perspective. A song can be performed by a sophisticated orchestra in a concert hall or as a weary croon of a mother singing her newborn to sleep after an exhaustingly eventful day. It can even be heard in the resonant voice of a giddy dolphin bull putting on a show for potential mates or trilling the lilting symphony of gospel music to express gratitude for life’s blessings.

In literary works, songs and sbobet88 singers are used as a way of isolating a character or setting them apart from the everyday. Idealized songs also inform lyric poetry and serve as a device for establishing a mood.

Songwriters often have a hard time defining what is a song, and many struggle to know how to write one. One method suggested by experienced Songwriters is to take a piece of paper and jot down any images, action words or ideas that come to you – these are your raw materials. You can then move on to developing a melody, chords and lyrics around this concept.