What is a Song?

A song is a musical composition with vocals. It can be a single piece of music or a collection of pieces arranged and performed together, as a symphony or opera is. Song can be sung by one or more singers, or performed instrumentally, using instruments such as an acoustic guitar or piano. In jazz, songs are often played with a rhythm section (guitar, bass and drums) or backing band. In classical music, songs may be sung by one or more soloists supported by an orchestra (a cappella).

A Song is a musical composition with lyrics and a tune, often featuring a repeated chorus or verse. It can also include a pre-chorus, which heightens the impact of the chorus by introducing a chord progression that the audience has already become familiar with. Song can be a genre, or an artist’s signature sound or style, such as Irish folk songs, African storytelling songs, or even heavy metal music.

In philosophy, the song has been described as a combination of emotion and intellect. Aristotle emphasized the role of the intellect, and viewed emotions as being necessary only in certain circumstances. In contrast, the Epicureans and Stoics gave considerable credit to sensation, but considered it a tool for achieving virtue.

It is important that articles about songs do not include subjective interpretations or opinions, unless the opinion has been cited and verified from an expert source. This is especially true of cover songs, which should only be included in a song article if they are notable enough to merit it.