What Is a Song?


A song is a piece of musical composition with vocals. It may be performed a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment. A song can be written for a single singer, a lead singer with backing musicians, or a large group of vocalists in harmony (although large classical music vocal forms use terms such as aria and recitative rather than song). It can include words or be completely instrumental. A song may also include a bridge, chorus, or outro.

The chorus is the song’s highlight and typically contains the song’s title. It is the culmination of all the big ideas that have been building up in the verses and pre-chorus, and serves as the climax of the song. It’s often the most catchy part of a song and it should stand out from the rest of the track, musically and vocally.

In addition to the chorus, a song can contain a bridge that provides a break from the repetition of the verses and chorus. A bridge will usually have different lyrics and will start on a chord that’s different from what the verse and chorus start with.

Songs can be a powerful force that can motivate people to act in positive ways. They can inspire people to overcome adversity, find love and acceptance, or just express their feelings. It is important that song creators stay true to their underlying motivations for writing songs. Those who write songs for money are likely to be disappointed, but those who pursue beauty, art, and meaning will find satisfaction in their work.