What Is a Song?

A song is a composition that consists of words and music, intended to create a proportionate feeling or emotion in relation to a particular matter. Songs are generally composed for the purpose of singing them, though some songs may be written for instrumental purposes (such as a concerto).

A Song Is More Than Lyrics And Melody

While the term “song” is used in a broad sense to refer to any musical composition whether it’s accompanied by instruments or not, the term most commonly refers to a piece of music that’s set to a tune and sung to it. It also refers to a poem that’s been rendered in rhythm and sounds melodious to the ear.

When We Speak About a Song

As with other literary works, ideas about song and actual songs inform literature in ways that go back to classical and biblical antiquity. They can indicate proximity to the divine, intense emotion, or distance from the everyday.

They can even do the work of plot and of character, often isolating a songwriter or singer and linking them to a milieu beyond what readers are shown.

The most common song form involves a verse followed by a chorus. However, there are many variations of this song structure in different genres and time periods. The number of verses can vary based on the style of the music, but the general rule is that there are two or three verses in a typical song.