What Is a Song?


A song is a lyrical composition accompanied by musical instruments. It can be sung a cappella, with background singers or a piano.

A song has an element of storytelling, as it is an opportunity for a songwriter to tell a story or convey an emotion in a way that most people remember. In some cultures, a song is also valued for its lyrical precision.

A song has an intro, chorus, and pre-chorus. Intros establish the tempo, melody, and rhythm of the song.

A chorus is the climax of the song. The lyric and melody of a chorus is intended to be powerful and to produce proportionate emotions. Often, the title of the song appears in the chorus.

Pre-chorus is a short musical section that prepares the listener for the chorus. It can include new melodies and rhythms. Sometimes, a pre-chorus is shorter than the verse.

Typically, the chorus is followed by a bridge. This provides a break from the repetition of the lyrics and melodies of the song. Bridge music usually starts on a different chord than the verse.

Songs may be popular, or they may be vernacular or fictional. They may appear in movies, TV shows, plays, and stage shows. Popular songs often stand halfway between folk songs and art songs.

Art songs are a type of music that have their origins in medieval courts, churches, and colleges. They are generally accompanied by an instrumental ensemble. As a result, their melodies and texts tend to be complex and sophisticated. However, their connection to extramusical activities is rare.