What Is a Song?


Basically, a song is a piece of music composed by lyrics and vocals. It’s recorded on audio or video and can be performed live or in a musical theatre or TV show.

A song can be performed by a solo singer, or by a group of singers with a band or piano accompaniment. Typically, a song is organized in recognizable ways, with sections that are eight measures in length and named.

A verse is the section that introduces the main ideas of the song. It also serves as a prelude to the chorus. The chorus is where the main sentiments of the song are repeated. In general, the verses are less intense than the choruses. However, the chorus is the climax of the song. It’s also the part that summarizes the whole song.

A bridge is the next major musical element of a song. It’s a transitional section that stands out lyrically and musically. It usually occurs between the second and third choruses. The chords played in this section are different from those in the verses. The melody in the bridge is usually very different from the melody in the verses.

A refrain is another important element of a song. It’s usually one or two lines that are repeated. This section gives the song focus and keeps it interesting. The lyrics in the refrain should be similar to those in the verses.

A pre-chorus is the first musical segment of a song. It’s usually shorter than a verse, but it can repeat the same lyric or melody. It can build tension or increase the song’s rhythm.