What is a Song?


Whether you are listening to a classic song, a pop song, or an art song, you are bound to hear the term “song.” This word is derived from the Proto-Indo-European word “sang,” which means “to sing.” The word is also a Middle English word, and is borrowed from the German word “knacken.”

A song is a musical composition with lyrics and vocals. It can be performed a cappella (singing alone) or accompanied by instruments. Most songs are arranged in recognizable ways. Depending on the song, the structure may include different sections.

A chorus is the climax of a song, and is the section that describes the entirety of the song. It is often the most catchy part of the song, and can include repeated sentiment.

A pre-chorus is a shorter part of a song, and often serves as an introduction to the chorus. The pre-chorus often contains a chord progression that is followed by the chorus. The pre-chorus is also a chance for a songwriter to experiment with the structure of the song. Often the chorus will be similar every time, so it is the pre-chorus’s job to break the repetition and heighten the impact of the chorus.

Depending on the song, there may be a chorus that contains only one section. Other songs may have a chorus that contains two or three sections. Often, songs will have different sections that repeat with new lyrics.

Popular songs include blues songs, torch songs, anthems, and soul songs. They are often composed by professional composers. They are often performed by a singer, or a group of singers, or by a band.