What Is a Song?


A song is a composition intended to be performed by a human voice. These compositions typically feature distinct pitches and alternating periods of sound and silence. They are also often performed in a variety of forms, with sections repeated or varying from one another. These characteristics help make songs appealing to a wide variety of audiences.

The best songs are those that are catchy and have strong melodies and chords. They should also evoke a specific emotion. Good songs are often crafted from personal experiences. When crafting your song, you should think about what kind of mood you want to create. For instance, hip hop songs are known for their punchy lyrics, while pop songs have a feel-good vibe. Whatever genre you’re in, make sure to play on your own emotions and use the song to express positive feelings.

In the European tradition, the song genre developed primarily around religious and romantic love songs. The troubadours and bards of the Middle Ages began this documented tradition, which was later continued by the Elizabethan lutenists. These troubadours left large corpora of sung verse and melodies.

Songs are usually performed live, but can also be recorded on audio or video. Songs can be performed by a solo singer, a duet, a trio, or an entire ensemble. Unlike classical vocal forms, songs are often sung a cappella or accompanied by instruments. Singers may perform with an acoustic guitar or a piano, or they may perform with a full orchestra.