What Is a Song?


A song is a set of lyrics and musical notes that convey a specific emotion or feeling. These components work together to create a piece of music that is memorable to an audience. The lyrics and melodies are both intended to convey a certain feeling or emotion, and a song’s structure and content tend to relate to the topic of the song. A well-constructed lyric may reference feelings as much as a beautiful melody. A bad song, on the other hand, might combine feelings that are inappropriate for the topic of the song.

The chorus, which occurs at the end of the song, climaxes the song’s lyrical and musical ideas. The chorus should jolt the listener from the reverie and convey the main idea of the song. The chorus typically repeats the melody and musical elements. The pre-chorus may repeat the lyrics or the title of the song. The chorus is the final section of the song and should reflect the release of tension built up in the first part of the song.

Lyrics are the words sung to music. Art songs are poems set to music. Chants are repetitive patterns of rising and falling pitches. Popular songs are composed for professional singers. They have a wide appeal and are often composed by trained classical composers. If a piece of song contains no lyrics, it is called a folk song. However, not all songs are equal. A song with a few syllables and a long phrase may be too complex for the singer to sing.