What is a Movie?

A movie is a set of moving images (with sound) that tells a story. A great movie has a good story, actors (people who act in the movies) who give good performances and cinematography (the way the camera moves). A movie can also have interesting music or sounds. It can also have a cool set (places that look like real places) or special effects (things that cannot be done in real life).

Horror movies use fear to make the audience (people who watch the movies) afraid. They do this by using scary music and lighting and by showing scary things. Romantic comedies (called Rom-Coms) are movies about 2 people falling in love. They usually have happy endings. Sci-Fi movies use fantasy and science to make the audience believe that there are strange and exciting things that happen in the movies. Action movies are usually about people fighting and trying to get something important.

Movies made by famous stars have a lot of money (profit). They are called blockbuster movies. They have big audiences and lots of promotions (way to let people know about the movie). They may have sequels (a new movie with the same characters and a similar plot) or remakes (a new movie that looks and sounds a lot like an older one).

Some movies do not have a lot of money, but they are very creative or unusual. These are called independent movies. They sometimes have a sad end, but they can become very popular and be successful. They often make the studios that produce them a lot of money so they can make more of these movies.