What is a Movie?

Movie is a type of video that tells a story. It usually involves actors (people who act) and a film camera. Actors say the words from a script and a director tells them what to do. Then a cameraman films them doing it with a film camera. There are many different kinds of movies. Some are very popular and make a lot of money. These are called blockbusters. Other movies are very small and make only a little money. These are called independent or art movies.

There are also movies that are based on real life events. These are called dramas. They tell stories about people in trouble or that are sad. Some dramas are funny or make you laugh. Others are serious and make you think about important things in life.

The best movies have a message or lesson that you can learn from them. This might be about something you should do, or it might be about something you shouldn’t do. For example, the movie “Chariots of Fire” (1981) from Great Britain is about how important it is to work hard and persevere. It has lessons about the value of friendship, faith, and dedication.

Movies can be very exciting to watch. They can also be scary, or they can make you laugh, cry or feel sad. Some movies are about real life events and some are made up (fictional). Movies that are based on real events can be called documentaries.