What is a Movie?

A movie is a film that contains a story that is presented in a sequence of scenes. It includes characters, a setting and other elements to create a drama. The story in a movie can be about anything and can be fictional or nonfictional.

A good movie is a piece of art that is skillfully made in terms of cinematography, editing, sound/music and acting/animation. A movie is considered a great film (work of art) if it makes you feel and think about the subject matter.

Thrillers are movies that keep the audience (people watching the movie) guessing by introducing mystery or strange events and there are usually ‘twists’ in the plot (plot). Horror (fear) movies use a lot of suspense to scare the audience. Dramas are stories that are emotionally moving and can be very sad or happy. For example, a movie about a divorce may make you cry or cheer if the wife or husband wins.

Independent films are movies that are not produced by a large movie studio. They are often cheaper to make and are more creative or unusual. They may also have a different type of plot or end (plot twists). For example, The Blair Witch Project was very unusual and has a cult following. Some independent films become popular and are then bought by a big movie studio to be made again as a blockbuster (big budget). This is usually a mistake because the new version will be less successful than the original.