What is a Movie?

The word movie is a shortened form of the term “moving pictures”. It is an art form that uses images and sounds to tell stories. Some movies make people laugh, while others make them cry or feel afraid. Some movies are so popular that they make a lot of money for the studios that produce them. The money is used for promotion and putting the movies into theaters. The movies are played by a projector that shines a very bright light through the film and onto a screen.

A movie can be about anything, from sports to romance to history to war to monsters to science fiction to fantasy to murder to family drama to a crime story. The main characters are usually people and the plot (story) revolves around them. Many movies have a happy ending, where the problems in the story are resolved and everyone lives happily ever after. Some movies have a different type of plot than the usual and are called “blockbuster” films.

It is important to watch a movie carefully and take notes while you are watching it. This will help you write a good analysis. Some of the things to look for include: the setting, the characters and their relationships, the plot, the dialogue, the cinematography (the way a movie is shot), editing and music or a soundtrack. It is also important to notice what the director of a film has done before and how that might influence his or her style in this new movie.