What Is a Movie?


A movie is a video story that you watch on a television, tablet, laptop, or movie theater. It’s the art of storytelling that we still love today.

A great movie is something that can move us and make us feel; it makes you laugh, cry, tense, scared or fired up. It’s not just about the story and the action; it’s about how well the story is written and acted.

It’s a good idea to read some movie critics before you see a film, though it’s also okay to form your own opinion. Find a few that you really enjoy and look for their insights to help you decide which movies to check out.

One of the best films to see if you’re into heist-based thrillers is Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, which ricochets the zing and fizz of its dialogue around a gloriously intense single setting (for most of its running time). It’s not a movie that everyone should see, but it’s worth seeing for its dark and brutal take on modern masculinity.

Another classic that should be seen is Orson Welles’ A Trip to the Moon, which changed the way narrative and sci-fi movies were made in 1902. It has a cult following, but it’s also a must-see for anyone interested in learning about what a movie could be, even when it doesn’t always seem like there is.

A good movie can be hard to make, but once it’s made it’s easy to see why. The story, the plot, the characters, the settings, and the acting all come together to tell a compelling, memorable and memorable story.