What is a Movie?


A movie is a type of motion picture. It is one that is not only entertaining but also a work of art. There are many different genres. Each of them are unique and each has its own characteristics.

The four elements that define a genre are story, plot, character, and setting. These factors indirectly shape the characters and the movie’s story. Some movies even have sub-genres.

For example, a crime genre movie could have a storyline of a group of people trying to solve a murder. Another movie could have a group of misfits trying to save a friend. Likewise, a comedy movie could have a storyline of snobby, rich people who are wasteful and eccentric.

Typically, the term “movie” is used to refer to a commercial product for mass consumption. But movies are also used as a means of propaganda or education.

During the World War II period, US war film trailers were often shown as propaganda. In Nazi Germany, Leni Riefenstahl and Sergei Eisenstein films were a form of propaganda. And in the Middle East, there were a number of conflicts in 1941 to 1945.

Most feature films are for-profit business entities run by production companies. Typical production cycles are three years. They include a year of development and pre-production, two of production, and a third of distribution.

The movie’s “crew” includes the directors, photographers, film editors, set decorators, costume designers, and prop masters. Often, the “stars” of the film are the actors or celebrities.