What is a Movie?


“Jack and Jill” is a story about a rich entrepreneur who falls in love with a poor girl from the slums of New York City. The two eventually develop a relationship, but the rigid class structure between them prevents their relationship from lasting. The story also deals with society’s effect on the lost souls of its citizens. A great movie should be able to convey these themes in a simple yet effective way.

The word movie was first used in 1897 and referred to as a pelicula, a group of fixed images that form an optical illusion of motion. Movies are made of many different elements, but the basic structure of a movie is the same, including story and plot. Both produce character development and ultimately yield a theme. Once the theme is set, all other elements of the movie will revolve around it. It is this theme that creates the overall mood of the movie.

When filming a movie, many people use the term film instead of “movie”. This is used by professionals in the film industry. But people outside the film industry and academics use it more frequently. Most people in non-English speaking parts of the world refer to a movie as a “movie.”