Understanding the Feeling of Love


Love is one of the most intense emotions that humans feel. When you feel love for a person, it means that you are concerned about their well-being and want to do whatever you can to help them.

It can also refer to a feeling of strong affection and attraction toward someone or something. You may have this kind of love for your parents, siblings, friends or even a pet.

Unlike lust, which is based on physical attraction and an intoxicating rush of feel-good chemicals, love involves commitment and time. It requires trust, acceptance and deep friendship to build a long-lasting relationship.

The word “love” has been around for centuries, but it is only recently that psychologists have really studied this complex concept. Some believe that love is a basic human emotion, while others think it is more complex and influenced by cultural expectations.

While there are many different ways to interpret the feeling of love, there are a few main types that people generally associate with it: Romantic love, companionate love and compassionate love.

In romantic love, your body is filled with oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel euphoric and flooded with tender feelings of devotion, affection, and bonding. When you’re in a romantic relationship, you experience feelings of deep affection and intimacy with your partner, and you want to be there for them whenever they need you.

However, if you’ve ever been in a breakup, you know that love can come and go. It can be a powerful, uplifting feeling that you experience at the height of your feelings, but it can also be one of the most painful emotions you’ll ever have to deal with.