Types of Songs


A song is a lyrical poem, usually performed with a musical instrument, and is one of the oldest forms of literature. Before the advent of literacy, songs were passed from generation to generation orally. They are grouped into different genres, including folk songs, classical music, and evergreens. These genres all have different characteristics.

A song’s verse gives the songwriter the opportunity to tell a story and develop the lyrics. This section usually follows the pre-chorus, which builds the tension for the rest of the song. Sometimes, a songwriter will split a story into two verses, which is another effective way to get the point across.

A song can also be written for a single singer. A solo singer may be accompanied by background singers. Duets and trios are also common types of songs. They may also be sung a cappella, or accompanied by instruments, such as piano or acoustic guitar. Jazz singers may also use a small orchestra to accompany them.

The structure of a song varies from style to style, but many have the same basic components. A song’s structure includes an intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and outro. The structure is designed to capture the listener’s attention without overwhelming them.