Themes of Movies


Themes of movies have evolved over the years. These themes were influenced by the society and social situation at the time they were made, and are often based on the times. The themes of a movie can be escapist fare, nostalgic fare, or even reflections on current society. As society changes, the themes of movies need to change as well.

Independent movies are often made by small film companies or groups that have a small budget. For example, the movie The Blair Witch Project only cost $60,000 to make, but has made $200 million in DVD and ticket sales. Unlike mainstream movies, these movies are usually considered “underground” and have limited distribution. They also tend to have a more creative message.

The mid-1960s were a time of social change in American society. Social norms and movie themes changed dramatically. People began to distrust corporate management and McCarthyism, and there was an increase in animosity toward the Vietnam Conflict. The era also saw the growth of suburbia and the growth of television, which allowed families to spend more time together.

The genre of a movie depends on its theme and the type of genre it falls under. For example, an adventure movie usually features a hero who goes on a long journey to save the day, while a comedy movie focuses on a humorous scenario. Other genres include dramas and family movies. A drama is a movie that involves people falling in love or making important decisions. It also often uses strong feelings and themes to excite its audience.