The Top 7 Most Popular Songs of All Time

A song is a simple musical composition meant to be played by the human voice itself. It is intended to communicate a message to its listeners. As such, the song has to be presented in a pleasing way so as to gain the attention and/or participation of the listeners. The language of music, unlike that of spoken word, has a much looser structure and hence the music should also be able to convey the same kind of messages with much more finesse.


A song, like any other literary composition, is divided into stanza (semi-long verse) and stanza (particular lyrics or chorus). A stanza is usually of only two verses although in certain instances, the number may increase to three. Sebum, which is the oil that protects the hair, is added to the mixture as lubricant and thus makes it possible for the verses of a song to flow easily. The melody, which is the part of the song that comes before the verses and is generally composed of only low sounds, is also given prominence here. Lyrically, the refrain is used to end a stanza.

Hip-hop and jazz music are two of the many genres of songs that have emerged from Africa and the Caribbean since the late 1960s. In most cases, a hip-hop song will not feature a refrain. The refrain is only added to the song when it is necessary for the narration of the story within the song. Raps are the most common genre of song that falls under this category and are known to be very fast paced.

The word “deejay” is derived from the word “disco”, the traditional form of music played by Jamaicans and others in the early 1900s. Later on, the word became popular with urban music lovers who incorporated it in their lyrics to create a rhythmic sound. Today, the term is used to refer to a rapper who sings about people and topics related to their culture, rather than a singer who mainly raps. Hip-hop and jazz music both belong to the genre of modern electronic music that has emerged from the United Kingdom and other European countries in the last few decades. Classic rap songs were once considered to be too ‘clunky’ and’strange’ to be cool, but that has changed over the years as more people prefer it to be cool and catchy.

Rock music is another of the many musical forms in the world that have created popular songs over the decades. Originally, rock began as a way to express the viewpoint of a group of men at a time when organized political action was not widely taken in rock bands. Over the years, the genre has evolved into a highly popular form of music with its many sub-genres such as power pop, blues-rock, psychedelic and noise rock. One of the most popular songs in the rock genre is, of course, “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Country music is another of the many musical forms in the world that have created some of the most popular songs of all time. Many country songs are country songs that have been remixed to become popular songs around the world. In addition, country music has evolved to include many different vocalists who can sing in different ways. Other popular song forms in country music include: Blue collar songs, which are very emotional; Old time country songs, which are simple and have a basic narrative; Tejano songs, which are extremely fast paced and include a lot of repetition; and rap songs, which combine rap vocals with country music.