The Secret Formula For Love – Intimacy


The Secret Formula For Love – Intimacy

Love is a universal experience. It encompasses a broad range of positive and constructive emotional and psychological states, from the highest sublime religious feeling, the most profound personal affection, to the easiest personal pleasure. But what is it? What does it mean?

In today’s hectic, stressful, busy world we often lose sight of the simple, powerful quality of unconditional love that lies deep within all of us. Love is at work in our relationships, business relationships, marriages and parent/child relationships. It defines and provides for quality time, companionship, security, acceptance, emotional safety and a sense of belonging. When I am with my partner, I do not feel the burden of love washing over me from someone else. I am able to focus intently on the person I am with and enjoy the experience of being with them.

Intimacy is a unique expression of love that is experienced when you are open, honest and vulnerable with another person. This is not about familiarity or becoming accustomed to another person; it is experiencing pure, unadulterated romantic love. The word “intimacy” comes from two Latin roots – “intimus” meaning “one toward another” and “ietrix” meaning “seize.” This physical expression of love between two people is an act of seize and give, of sharing the gift of our bodies with another person. In this sharing the giver becomes the receiver.

To experience intimacy we must learn to open up to our feelings and become honest about them. In loving intimacy, there is no room for pretense or masking because feelings are expressed directly. However, loving intimacy does not mean that one person is better than the other, or that their thoughts or feelings are any less valid or real than those of the receiver. The practice of loving one another and sharing our deepest, most personal feelings will transform the relationship into a true partnership that will transcend these disagreements and fight.

Intimacy can also be achieved through the release of negative emotions. One important aspect of loving relationships is how we manage our negative emotions. It is possible to maintain healthy, well-balanced anger and negative emotions simultaneously by using appropriate, compassion-based coping skills. Our strong feelings can contribute to our well-being, but we must learn to channel these feelings positively in order to obtain and maintain healthy, well-balanced anger and passion.

When we can embrace our strong emotions, release them from our control and welcome them instead, into our lives, our hearts and into our relationships, we can strengthen our bonds with others and create an environment of overall well-being and fulfillment. Love is the essence of all relationships, so when you are able to experience love, you are working on opening yourself up to a world of strong emotions, affection and connection. Intimacy allows us to work with our feelings and to experience an emotional union with another human being. If you are struggling in your relationships, it may be because you are not communicating your needs to your significant other.