The Myths and Facts About Love

The concept of love is not a new one, but it has always been a topic of debate. Some say it doesn’t exist while others think it’s an intangible concept. Cynics claim it doesn’t exist while hopeless romantics proclaim it is an elusive and impossible concept. But, despite its ambiguity, love persists and continues to be a source of countless myths. Here are the best explanations for the origin of love.


The two most common types of love are passionate and companionate. The former is defined as the strongest and most emotional attachment between two people. It is often accompanied by physical arousal, including rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. The latter is often characterized by a sense of loyalty, trust, and affection, without arousal. In other words, it’s love for the other person, not for the object of their affection.

Erotic love is a form of love focused on physical attraction and intense intimacy. However, it is often characterized by game-playing and emotional distance. The advocates of erotic love are rarely committed and are comfortable ending relationships. In contrast, storge love is generally considered a more mature form of love, and is characterized by mutual interest and open affection. Its advocates are not dependent on another person and prefer relationships where both partners are emotionally and physically compatible.

Agape and passionate love differ in terms of commitment and intimacy. Infatuation is the most superficial form of love, with its focus on intense sexual attraction. It usually occurs early in a relationship and deepens into lasting love. The first type is passionate, with the other person expressing a desire to be constantly close to them and idealizing the other. Compassionate love, on the other hand, is the most mature and enduring of the two.

erotic and storge love have distinct differences. Erotic love is characterized by intense lust and intense sexual attraction. It is also characterized by game-playing, emotional distance, and lack of commitment. It can be unsatisfying and people with erotic love tend to end relationships and are often not emotionally responsible. In contrast, storge love are considered more mature forms of love. Unlike erotic and passionate, storge and erotic, these types of love emphasize mutual interest and open affection, and place less emphasis on physical attractiveness.

Christian-based love is characterized by its focus on physical attraction and intense intimacy. This type of love is often called “erotic” because it focuses on sexual intimacy and lust. It also emphasizes emotional distance, which can lead to the breakdown of the relationship. And it is unlikely that the person will be able to commit and will be emotionally vulnerable. In addition to this, erotic love advocates may not feel committed to their partner and are likely to be comfortable ending their relationships.