The Most Important Characteristics of Love


In the Christian context, love is often defined as “to wish for the good of another” or “to desire that another succeed.” Such a definition explains why the Christian is called to love his or her fellow man. Here are some of the characteristics of love that are regarded as the most significant in human relationships:

The definition of love varies according to the person. The word is commonly used to describe a deep feeling of affection and attraction. It is also used to describe being sexually attracted to another human being. Other people define it as a strong, emotional attachment to a family member or friend. In any of these instances, love is a strong emotion that must be protected and nurtured in order to last. Love is a feeling that only occurs when the person who feels it wants it is protected and nurtured.

While many people display all three love styles, some are a blend. Research has shown that some people display a mix of both mania and pragma. The former involves intense feelings for a partner while pragma is more pragmatic and practical in relationship choices. Agape involves self-sacrifice. A person who embodies the qualities of agape will sacrifice himself for his partner out of duty and selflessness.

A physical touch is another form of love. Physical intimacy is a powerful emotional connector. It evokes deep feelings of warmth and comfort. Whether it’s physical touch, a hug, or a kiss, people who love physical affection feel deeply connected and valued. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a deeply human experience and one that many people value in relationships. If you’re not sure what your partner values in love, try experimenting with the different ways to express your feelings.