The Elements of a Movie


A movie is a series of moving images with sound that tells a story. It can be shown in a theater or on a television or computer screen. The main elements of a movie are its content, characters, and setting. There are several variations of each of these elements that create different categories of movies, including comedy, drama, action, adventure, romance, history, science fiction, and horror.

Filmmakers work hard to include creative elements in their films. These elements can make or mar the film. For example, background music can enhance the movie or betray its intent. Colors can be vivid and lift the atmosphere or mood in a film, while dull colors can make it seem depressing. Sound effects can enrich the movie experience, while bad ones destroy everything. Camera angles and lighting also add elements to a movie.

Insurance salesman Walter Neff is seduced by the glamorous Phyllis Dietrichson into murdering her husband, then using his expertise to make it look like an accident. The result is a riveting movie noir that serves as an effective reminder that power doesn’t bring happiness or even survival.