The Different Types of Love


The scientific study of emotions such as love has greatly increased over the past two decades. Scientists have identified three basic types of love, referred to as the color wheel theory of love. They also identify nine tertiary types of love, known as triangular types. They say that love is defined by three core elements: passion, intimacy, and commitment. Despite the complexity of the subject, researchers agree that love is universal and can be defined in many ways.

The Eros type of love is based on sexual intimacy and physical attraction, rather than on deeper feelings. People who fall in love with Eros are often emotionally distant, play games, and don’t commit themselves fully to one partner. They’re also prone to end relationships quickly and seek other people to play games with. The Storge type of love is considered the mature form of love and is based on trust. There are many other styles of love, such as familial love and sexual attraction.

The Hindu Krishna and Radha love stories have had a profound influence on the culture and arts of India. But the sages who searched with heart’s thought concluded that kinship is non-existent. Hence, a man’s limbs cannot remain at rest. Therefore, he is unworthy of the title of “man.” Alternatively, in Hebrew, the term for interpersonal love is Ahbh. Ahbh is the love of God for his creations. Chesed is the love of human beings for one another.