The Different Types of Love

The study of love is relatively recent. Philosopher Sigmund Freud first suggested that love should be the subject of science, since it was the source of thousands of years of artistic treatment and creative writing. However, the early explorations of love have attracted significant criticism. Some, such as U.S. Senator William Proxmire, have dismissed them as a waste of taxpayer money. In any case, today, we understand what makes love so powerful.


The Greeks considered the love of the gods to be Agape, a type of love that is completely unconditional and never fades because of the other person’s actions. For example, parent love is often described as Agape love, because parents love their children unconditionally. This type of love is not limited to sexual attraction. The same holds true for philosophical and devout love. In both cases, love has evolved to serve a biological need.

Sex and love share some common characteristics. While erotic love focuses on physical attraction and intense intimacy, it is not limited to human relationships. It can apply to non-human animals, principles, and religious beliefs. Despite this, it has long fascinated philosophers and historians. There are many different definitions of love, and different groups have debated which is the most appropriate. While most people agree that love is a strong feeling of affection for another person, disagreements over its exact meaning persist.

In human society, erotic love is the most extreme form of love. It focuses primarily on physical attraction, engagement in sex, and intimacy. However, advocates of erotic love often don’t commit to a relationship and are comfortable with breaking it off at any time. In contrast, storge love tends to be more mature and involves a deeper relationship. In storge, the focus is on the person’s personality and interests. In both types of love, the relationship is mutual and trusting.

Erotic love is the most extreme form of love. It involves intense intimacy and physical attraction, but also includes a lot of game-playing and emotional distance. Advocates of erotic love are unlikely to commit, and feel perfectly comfortable ending their relationship. But when it comes to love, there are a variety of different kinds. For instance, the term “erotic” means that there are two people who are infatuated with each other.

In modern society, erotic love focuses on physical attraction, sex, and intense intimacy. Erotic love advocates usually do not commit to a relationship, and are content to end it at any time. Unlike erotic, storge loves aren’t based on sexual attraction and are often non-committal. If you’re not in love, don’t be afraid to show it! It’s important to express your feelings and make sure that the person you love has a strong and lasting bond.