The Definition of a Movie


For a long time, a movie was considered to be any video story that took longer than an hour and required you to leave your house and buy a ticket to watch it. Genre didn’t matter, popcorn wasn’t even a consideration. This was the movie definition and it worked well. However, the film industry was evolving and movies began to take on a more formal meaning.

Now, a movie is defined as a motion picture made for commercial release on any type of screen, including the theater, television, VHS and DVD. They are usually divided into two categories: feature films and short films. Regardless of the category, the quality of a movie is based on two important aspects: content and form.

The content of a movie is mainly the plot, characters and setting. It also includes the overall feeling that is left after watching the movie. This can be anything from a heartwarming family story to a thriller with a shocking ending. Formal elements include the creative elements that are used to make a movie. These are things such as costumes, colors, sound effects and camera movements. Filmmakers work hard to include these elements because they can make or break the movie. Your job as a reviewer is to analyze how they work in the movie in general and to point out any that could have been better.

If you are a movie fan, it is important to know what to look for in a good movie. The genre is one important aspect, but so are the actors. A seasoned actor in a new kind of role, a brilliant performance from a rising star or the dynamic between two stars can all be a factor in making a movie worth watching.