Sixties Movie Themes and Social Change


The mid-sixties saw the beginning of a new era in American society and cinema, and themes and social norms changed dramatically as a result. There were many influences on this change, including McCarthyism, the Second Red Scare, Hollywood Blacklist, the Korean War, and the escalating animosity towards the Vietnam Conflict. A lot of the movie themes reflected the change in society. Below, we will discuss some of the most popular movies of the decade.

Films have an incredible power to influence the human mind. They have the power to hypnotize us with the illusion of movement, which can lower critical resistance to the movie. The accuracy of the movie image is compelling, even if it is created using a non-human, scientific method. The motion picture gives us a vivid sense of reality, because we think we’re actually experiencing the action and seeing actual people and things. Here are some of the most common aspects of movies that make them so enticing.

In 1930, movies were one of the few industries that still made money during the Depression. The era featured a rich socialite named Suzie and emotional optimism. Suzie and Jack develop a relationship over a series of humorous mishaps. While their romance is undeniably irresistible, society has a way of preventing the two from forming a lasting relationship. As such, the theme of a movie is crucial to understanding the film’s purpose.