Movie Themes of the Decade


The themes of movies often reflect the times and culture of the country in which they were made. While certain themes are common to a given era, others are unique to certain decades. In this article, we look at the defining themes of each decade. In addition, we discuss the influences of the era on movie themes.

A psychological thriller is a dark thriller in which the protagonist has a mental disorder. In many cases, this disorder is a result of abuse a person suffered as a child. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, for example, features Norman Bates, a man with dissociative identity disorder. In this movie, he assumes 2 different identities and goes on a killing spree after falling in love.

During the Great Depression, movies were one of the few businesses that were making money. Because the period was so dark and difficult, many families had to adjust to these difficult times. The economy and the labor force were affected and society had to adapt to new conditions. Movies focusing on the depression were a great way to help families deal with these challenges.

While movies are usually enjoyed in the theater, they can be watched at home or on a television screen. Many movies are now shown in movie theaters only a few weeks after they are released. Movies are also widely marketed via television, videocassette tapes, and DVD disks. Some are even shown on television broadcasting stations.